The 125 Women’s Forum

Our members told us they wanted help with a specific challenge: retaining talent, building more diverse senior teams and developing the most able women to become the leaders of tomorrow.

To address this, we created the FT 125 Women’s Forum as an addition to the main forum. Its purpose is to help companies keep good employees and develop the best leaders, regardless of their sex. The events address business-shaping issues such as digital innovation, technology and entrepreneurial leadership.

The FT 125 Women’s Forum allows companies to identify a group of high-potential females at mid-career level among their staff whom they want to help grow into future corporate leaders. Participants can also include staff members on maternity leave or other leave of absence. As it is well known that this cohort of women is at risk of stepping off the corporate ladder, the forum is designed to mitigate that risk and to build on efforts in which companies are already engaged in this area.

The FT 125 Women’s Forum is designed to be inclusive, not exclusive, and to involve men as well as women in the debate around leadership and the future of business. Attendees will be able to bring back inspirational ideas for change and business development to their companies.

Participants in the FT 125 have told us that they come away from forum events thinking differently about important issues, inspired with new ideas to take back to their companies to change practices or address challenges. The FT 125 Women’s Forum is designed to have the same impact on a different set of participants.

As well as the opportunity to listen to thought-provoking speakers and presentations, participants will also be able to meet other women at a similar stage in their career but from a range of different sectors. We know from the FT 125 that this opportunity is particularly valuable and we hope, as the FT 125 Women’s Forum grows, it will evolve.