Born out of the FT's 125th year & providing the 'bigger picture'

The 125 was born out of the Financial Times' 125th year, celebrated in 2013. To mark this occasion the Financial Times held a number of special, one-off events across the globe.

In October 2013 we hosted Mark Carney's first London-based address since taking up the position of governor of the Bank of England. He used the opportunity to announce Britain "is open for business" and there would be an overhaul to enable more borrowing from lenders.

It was a prestigious event, attended by politicians and business leaders from across the spectrum. Many took this opportunity to vocalise their worry that businesses were not providing enough support to future leaders when it came to seeing, and understanding, the 'bigger economic picture'. Realising the Financial Times was in a position to offer this without bias, The 125 was born.

Convening power

The FT’s reputation and contacts mean leading experts and practitioners are keen to share their knowledge and join our discussions.


The 125 covers a range of subjects important for a broad understanding of business issues. Recurring themes include Digital Disruption, Strategy Live, View from the Top and Emerging Markets.


Chairmen and CEOs know and trust the FT brand. Events are conducted under the Chatham House Rule, so top executives are willing to be candid about their experiences.